How to wire and install the optical fiber distribution frame?

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How to wire and install the optical fiber distribution frame?

Optical fiber distribution frame method/step
1. Installation and fixing

First, the optical fiber distribution frame is installed in a 19-inch cabinet, and then the optical fiber distribution frame is fixed in the cabinet column with a nut assembly.

2. Optical fiber stripping, fixing and protection

1. Clean the optical cable, open and strip the optical cable

2. Clean the optical fiber grease on the bare fiber and put it on a protective tube. The interface should be densely covered and sealed.

3. Use hose clamps to fix the optical cable in place

3. Installation of adapter and pigtail

1. Pull out an integrated module, remove the upper and lower cover plates, and connect one end to the card slot of the single-head pigtail device module box of the adapter.

2. Wrap the remaining pigtails on the back of the module and tie them with a wire to fix them.

3. The tail passes from the rectangular hole in the middle of the integrated module to the front of the module.

4. Strip the loose tube on the pigtail fiber and store it in the welding area on the front of the module, and cover the upper cover.

4. Welding operation

1. Uncover the front panel block of the module and release the pigtail in the splicing area,

2. Fix the end of the outer wire bare fiber protection sleeve with a tie to the corresponding position, and lead the appropriate length into the dissolution area

3. Use a stripper to cut and strip 12 single-core optical cables and non-ribbon optical cables

4. Clean the fiber core with solvent, cut the fiber core, and finally weld it

5. Push the welding protection sleeve so that the welding point is in the center, and it is shrinking.

6. Put the spliced ​​fiber core neatly into the splicing area

7. Make a record of the fusion splice identification for each core fiber, and insert the module back to the original position