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Household distribution box

Main points of installation of home distribution box

1. Household distribution boxes are divided into two types: metal shell and plastic shell. There are two types: surface-mounted and concealed-mounted. The box must be intact.

2. The wiring busbars in the box of the household distribution box should be set up with a neutral line, a protective grounding line, and a phase line, and they should be intact and well insulated.

3. The mounting frame of the air switch should be clean and unobstructed and have enough space. It should be installed in a dry and ventilated place, free of obstructions, and easy to use. Never install the distribution box in the box to prevent fire.

4. The distribution box of the household distribution box should not be installed too high. Generally, the installation elevation is 1.8 meters for easy operation; the electric pipe entering the distribution box must be fixed with a locking nut.

5. If the distribution box of the household distribution box needs to be opened, the edge of the hole must be smooth and clean. When the distribution box is buried in the wall, it should be vertical and horizontal, leaving a gap of 5-6 mm at the edge, and the wiring in the distribution box It should be regular and tidy, and the terminal screws must be tightened.

6. The incoming lines of each circuit must be of sufficient length and no joints. After installation, indicate the name of each circuit. After the installation of the household distribution box, the residue in the distribution box must be cleaned up.

Installation method of household distribution box

1. When assembling the electric box, and installing the electric box on the wall, it should be fixed with foot bolts (expanding pipe bolts). The length of the bolts is generally the depth of embedment (75~150mm), the thickness of the box bottom plate, the nut and the washer. The sum of the thicknesses, plus a "head margin" of about 5mm. For smaller distribution boxes, wooden bricks can also be pre-buried at the installation place (buried according to the positions of the four corners of the distribution box or distribution board), and then wood screws are used to fix the distribution box or power distribution at the wooden bricks. plate.

2. The electric box is concealed, and the electric box is embedded in the wall for installation. When laying the wall, the reserved hole should be about 20mm larger than the length and width of the electric box. The reserved depth is the thickness of the electric box plus the inner wall of the hole. The thickness of the plaster. When burying the distribution box, fill the space between the box body and the wall with concrete to fix the box body

3. The distribution box should be installed firmly, horizontally and vertically, and the vertical deviation should not be greater than 3mm; when concealed installation, there should be no gaps around the distribution box, the edges of the panel should be close to the wall, and the box body should be in contact with buildings and structures. Part should be painted with anti-corrosion paint.

4. For the screw fuse installed in the distribution box, the power cord should be connected to the terminal of the middle contact, and the load line should be connected to the screw terminal. In this way, you will not get an electric shock when loading and unloading the fuse. The porcelain plug-in fuse should be installed vertically.

5. The AC, DC or power supplies of different voltage levels in the distribution box shall have obvious signs. In the lighting distribution box, the neutral wire (N wire) and the protective neutral wire (PE wire) bus bars should be set respectively. The neutral wire and the protective neutral wire should be connected on the bus bar, and must not be twisted, and should be numbered.

6. When the wire is led out of the panel, the panel wire hole should be smooth and free of burrs, and the metal panel should be equipped with an insulating protective cover. The metal shell distribution box enclosure must be reliably grounded (connected to zero).